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Passive Fire Protection:


• Pro Box is a rigid protection system for elements that are critical to the safety of an Oil & Gas plant. It enables minimisation of damage and danger provoked by fire and explosion in installations exposed to risk of serious accidents in connection with fire and blast overpressure.

• Our passive fire proofing enclosure is made up of stainless steel structures filled with mineral fibres with very high thermal insulation capacity. The stainless steel sheeting has the job of repelling direct flame from a hydrocarbon fire, while the insulation between the panels slows down heat transfer to the equipment inside the Pro Box.

• This fire proofing system is especially appropriate for particularly aggressive site conditions due to the presence of highly corrosive substances or in adverse environments (for example, a desert or places with very low temperatures).


• The rigid fire proofing system is made of panels assembled with fastening systems that are state-of-the-art for durability and ease of on-site installation (no special equipment needed)

• Supplied, on request, with captive screws to link panels in order to avoid their loss during maintenance of the Pro Box or of the components to be protected, when the panels need to be partially or completely dismantled

• Heat-resistant sealing used to make the structure airtight and prevent ingress of combustion products in case of fire

• Supplied with hinged inspection doors to allow operations of control and maintenance on the protected component

• Upon customer request, they can be supplied with heatproof grids to assist ventilation inside the enclosure allowing the removal of any heat generated by the protected component

• Supplied with exit penetrations for position indicators, adjustment levers for manually operated pumps, declutch devices, stems and handwheels as recommended by API 2218 standards

• Electric and pneumatic cabling can be brought in using threaded casings laid down, as per the customer's request, in an area of reinforced thermal insulation

• Supplied on request with devices for moving single panels or the whole Pro Box

• Upon customer request, the fire proofing enclosure can be designed so that it can be easily removed and re-installed during periods of overall maintenance or inspection of the protected equipment without shutting down the plant, unlike molded-on coating which does not allow for this possibility

• Each Pro Box is encoded with an alphanumeric code in order to trace it in a timely manner. The encoding data together with the customer name and the tag number of the protected device are engraved on a stainless steel plate attached to the enclosure

• Assembly is guided by an installation manual specific to each single Pro Box


Our rigid fire protection systems guarantee full functioning of the protected component for the period of time specified, allowing it to continue working even in critical conditions such as those experienced following a hydrocarbon fire or following an explosion, that is:

• Pool Fire - 1100 °C - in accordance with UL 1709 specifications and Hydrocarbon Fire
• Jet Fire - 1350 °C - in accordance with OTI 95634 specifications and ISO 22899-1
• Blast generating overpressure of 2.9 barg.

Design using a 3D solid modeller is aided by our computation software that takes into account heat transfer factors and determines the minimum thickness necessary for the rigid fire protection to guarantee functioning of the protected equipment for the period of time and fire conditions specified.

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