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Valve Actuation & Control:

• Hydraulic Actuated

LHS & LHD series


ProControl LHS & LHD series actuators are similar to the LPS & LPD range. Many components are interchangeable, the only major difference is the hydraulic power cylinder.


• Fabricated entirely from carbon steel.

• Low pressure carbon steel hydraulic cylinder suitable for supply pressures up to 120 bar design.

• High pressure carbon steel hydraulic cylinder suitable for supply pressures up to 400 bar design.

• Carbon steel piston with dynamic floating O-ring seals coupled with lubricating piston guide rings.

• Carbon steel spring cartridge (only for single acting) with safety facility which allows safe installation and removal of the whole cartridge assembly.

• Visual position indicator directly connected to the valve stem showing actuator / valve full linear stroke.

• 17.4 PH stainless steel piston rod, which prevents corrosion and allows for minimum sliding friction on dynamic seals.

• ASTM A 320 L7 alloy steel tie rods, with standard electrolytic zinc coating according to ASTM B633 FeZn 12 (thickness 12 μm).

• Carbon steel mounting adapter with bottom flange machined according to the valve top mounting with carbon steel nickel-plated special coupling mechanism. Optional for wedge gate valves: coupling with hammer blow effect to facilitate valve unseating.

• Alloy steel galvanized end stoppers available on request.

• Integral manual override facilities.


• Supply pressure up to 400 bar design.

• Actuator thrust output up to 10.000.000 N.

• Spring thrust up to 400.000 N.

• Standard operating temperature range -30°C / +100°C.

• Special low temperature application up to -60°C.

• All ProControl pressure containing parts are designed according to ASME VIII div.1 and EN 13445

• All ProControl actuators are designed for 30 years’ service life.

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