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Valve Actuation & Control:

• Pneumatic Actuated

LPS & LPD series


ProControl LPS & LPD series actuators are specifically engineered in order to meet each individual requirement to operate rising stem valves such as gate valves, globe valves and rising stem non-contact ball valves.

ProControl take advantage of the same power cylinder mechanisms of the quarter turn range, with the only difference being the final length which depends on the valves stroke. In order to maintain an efficient production program many parts such as cylinder flanges and pistons are stock items, although each linear actuator is custom built to suit each valve.


• Fabricated entirely from carbon steel.

• Low pressure pneumatic cylinder for supply pressures up to 12 bar design suitable for

instrument air or sweet / inert gas applications or special application with material according to NACE requirements for sour gas supply medium.

• Carbon steel piston with dynamic floating O-ring seals coupled with lubricating piston guide rings.

• Carbon steel spring cartridge (only for single acting) with safety facility which allows safe installation and removal of the whole cartridge assembly.

• Visual position indicator directly connected to the valve stem showing actuator / valve full linear stroke.

• 17.4 PH stainless steel piston rod, which prevents corrosion and allows for minimum sliding friction on dynamic seals.

• ASTM A 320 L7 alloy steel tie rods, with standard electrolytic zinc coating according to ASTM B633 FeZn 12 (thickness 12 μm).

• Carbon steel mounting adapter with bottom flange machined according to the valve top mounting with carbon steel nickel-plated special coupling mechanism. Optional for wedge gate valves: coupling with hammer blow effect to facilitate valve unseating.

• Alloy steel galvanized end stoppers available on request.

• Integral manual override facilities.


• Supply pressure up to 12 bar design.

• Actuator thrust output up to 3.000.000 N.

• Spring thrust up to 400.000 N.

• Standard operating temperature range -30°C / +100°C.

• Special low temperature application up to -60°C.

• Special high temperature application up to +200°C.

• All ProControl pressure containing parts are designed according to ASME VIII div.1 and EN 13445.

• All ProControl actuators are designed for 30 years’ service life.

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